Au.E! – Rangatahi Resilience Building

“Ka Pu te Ruha – Ka Hao te Rangatahi”

When the old net is cast aside, the new net goes fishing. This proverbial saying refers to the younger generation taking up the reigns left by their elders.

Au.E! – Rangatahi Resilience Building

Au.E! is a free event that aims to raise suicide awareness and build resilience amongst rangatahi between the ages of 12-18. Led by the Rangatahi Ora Team, Au.E! provides strength-based workshops that support rangatahi in enhancing their well-being.

Deliberately mobilised to Māori communities, these hui raise suicide awareness, build resilience, and inform Rangatahi about strategies in various areas of life, (such as healthy relationships, the importance of identity and belonging; effective communication; keeping cyber safe; having positive self-worth and broad topics for overall wellbeing).

The hui is fun-filled, and Māori with creative activities and learning interweaved in the jam-packed one-day event.

With multiple workshops provided in the one-day event, there are dynamic lessons and experiences during the day presenting messages through diverse activities such as waiata, raranga, rongoā, wahine ora, tane ora, poitūkohu (basketball), korikori tinana (such as Crossfit), toi (art).

The overall aim is to provide another world to Rangatahi Māori to build their capacity and capability as young people, with their whānau, and communities through a dynamic event that delivers rangatahi suicide prevention awareness, and knowledge and responses that rangatahi can enact as they need.

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