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Te Rau Matatau is a centre of excellence in Māori education and training that offers a range of Hauora (health and social care) programmes.  Te Rau Matatau is an NZQA accredited Private Training Establishment offering industry-recognised qualifications through a kaupapa Māori lens.

Te Rau Matatau provides tertiary education programmes that focus on the determinants of health and the shift towards a wellness model of care.  Te Rau Matatau courses have particular relevance for Māori working in the health sector, especially those in Kaupapa Māori Organisations.  All courses are underpinned by mātauranga Māori and draw on both written and oral sources.

The overall aim of Te Rau Matatau will be to increase the expertise of the Māori health workforce so that graduates are able to endorse helpful environments and address the not so helpful environments where Māori live. And they will be able to promote mauri ora as an achievable goal for all Māori.

The Code of Practice

The Education and Training Act 2020 has prompted the Ministry of Education to release the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. This Code ensures the wellbeing and safety of all tertiary learners (domestic and international) enrolled in New Zealand education providers. 

The Code, which came into effect on 1 January 2022, combines the 2020 Interim Domestic Code and the 2019 International Code and outlines 24 outcomes to support a safe and positive learning environment for tertiary students. Outcomes 1-7 of the Code are especially relevant to Te Rau Ora ākonga.

The Code for Ākonga Wellbeing and Safety outlines the responsibilities of Te Rau Ora as an education provider in promoting and supporting ākonga wellbeing and educational success. This code exists to ensure that our ākonga needs are met by āta whakarongo (listening), whakaute (respect) and whakamana (empowerment) being upheld throughout the ako (learning) process with our whānau. 

For more information, please see the NZQA website’s explanation of the code and additional links below: 

Te Rau Ora Pastoral Care Action Plan 2023-2025 Summary

Te Rau Ora’s Code of Practice 2021 covers four key outcomes, with processes that articulate the actions Te Rau Ora will take to fulfill the code from 2023 to 2025. These outcomes and their corresponding actions are explained in the following four sections.

Kaupapa Tuatahi: Haumaru Akonga – Learner Wellbeing and Safety

We take a holistic approach to ensure the wellbeing and safety of ākonga, responding to their diverse needs.

Kaupapa Tuarua: Reo Akonga – Learner Voice

We strive to understand and respond to ākonga voices and wellbeing needs in a respectful, mana-enhancing way.

Kaupapa Tuatoru: Whakaruruhau o ngā Ākonga – Safe, Inclusive, Supportive, and Accessible Physical and Digital Learning Environments

We seek to create learning environments that are safe and designed to support positive learning experiences for ākonga of all backgrounds and abilities.

Kaupapa Tuawha: Te Rau Ora Maru o ngā Akonga – Learners are Safe and Well

We support ākonga to manage their physical and mental health, providing them with information and advice, in addition to identifying and responding to those who need additional support.

Download the full Manaaki Ākonga Care Code of Practice Action Plan Summary

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