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Launch of Te Rau Matatini – the first Māori Mental Health Workforce Development Organisation

Tena koutou e whakarauika nei i tenei ra. Nga mihi, mai i tenei o te awa o Whanganui ki nga uri o Rangitane, tena tatou katoa.

I would like to acknowledge all those who have worked and have dedicated much, so that we today, can celebrate the launching of Te Rau Matatini. Many, who have worked in the Maori mental health area, have done so without adequate support, for a long time.

An agreed strategy and co-ordination amongst mental health providers and between sectors such as justice, corrections and health has been lacking. We have little in the way of induction training into this area of health, or in workforce development for those working at any level of tangata whenua mental health. I therefore thank those, who have continued to provide the care and support for our tangata whaiora and fulfilling our responsibilities to look after our own. I admire your determination and commitment to working with our people. You provided us with the challenge to create and environment which would fulfil our dreams.

Today the dream is becoming the reality. We cannot change history, but we can take responsibility for shaping today and in the process, influencing tomorrow. 

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