Kaupapa Māori insights and evidence validate and affirm Māori solutions and Māori ways of knowing, doing, and understanding the world.

High-quality health information is also pivotal to the delivery of effective health and disability services across the continuum. The health and disability sector needs to make good use of the knowledge available to ensure that services meet the needs of the Māori population

There is a critical need to unlock the power and potential of Māori approaches to inform a fundamental shift in the services provided across Māori communities.

Our Priorities

Unlocking Māori Potential: To unlock the innovation and potential of Māori knowledge, resources, and people to address persistent health inequities and improve Māori Health outcomes.

Māori Health Intelligence: Māori Capacity and capability to build powerful insights, evidence, and data to transform services and wellbeing for individuals, whānau and communities

Māori Data Sovereignty: A more proactive approach to data governance will involve Māori having control over their data and increasing partnership arrangements with health services in relation to their data

National Collaboration: A national collaboration between workforce and research centres to promote Māori solutions to Health and Wellbeing.

Māori Aspirations: Development of a national Māori Health Think Tank to utilising Māori evidence base and insights to accelerate Māori developments and Māori aspirations.

Indigenous Knowledge Exchange: Cultivating Indigenous Networks and Solutions that facilitate learning, share experience and support leadership development.

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About Us

To improve Māori Health through leadership, education, research and evaluation, health workforce development and innovative, systemic transformation. We strengthen Māori health and wellbeing through nationally navigated and locally led solutions.