The Toitū Accord: Māori Leadership for Health and Wellness

by Te Rau Matatini


Ten markers have been identified as key touchstones for Māori leadership in health and wellbeing. The markers reflect assertions that can be applied across the full spectrum of services, programmes and facilities, all aiming to improve Māori health or increase levels of wellness. The markers have emerged from Toitū Hauora conferences and Te Rau Matatini seminars conferences held over a fifteen-year period. Although each had a specific focus, the prime goal has been to increase Māori leadership capability. More recently a shift in focus to include prevention and health promotion, as well as treatment and care has greatly expanded the health portfolio. While not all markers will be priorities for all leaders, the Accord does imply that a joint approach will be more likely to address contemporary situations than disjointed unconnected actions. Participation in an over-arching approach to Māori leadership based on the ten key markers, offers a starting point for tackling complex health problems in the years ahead. The markers include a range of leadership characteristics that are especially germane to Māori health in the 21st century. They recognise the relationship between leaders and the people they serve, as well as the wider expectations that accompany Māori leaders, both at home and on a global stage.