Te Tiriti Based Future + Anti-Racism 2022

Te Rau Ora is a proud partner and supporter of Te Tiriti based futures + Anti-racism 2022. This is an innovative international Te Tiriti based anti-racism + decolonisation (virtual) event held from 13 – 28 March 2022.

The programme features over 75 international and national speakers and indigenous leaders. The final day ‘Kei mura i te ahi’ is a 24-hour Pecha Kucha marathon for racial justice. So far over 22,000 people have registered to attend.

After the event, most of the open-access webinars will be posted online, where they will become permanent resources for anti-racist activism and Te Tiriti education. For more information, or to register for the event, visit https://www.tiritibasedfutures.info/