Te Rau Ora Annual Report 2021   

2021 was another year of highlighting the importance of Māori leadership at all levels of the health, education, and social system.  COVID 19 has been an important part of our work over the last two years and will continue as we understand the full impact on our communities and systems.  We are grateful to all frontline workforces, Māori Organisations, and Māori leaders who have been at the forefront of health and education sector reforms, and the nationwide response to COVID-19.  

Iwi and Māori Providers have demonstrated the value of kaupapa Māori approaches through relationships, passion, and commitment to their communities. And we thank you for your dedication. Te Rau Ora has continued to grow and develop, in spite of the pandemic circumstances, and we are driven to identify the priorities and activities that will continue to Strengthen Māori Wellbeing.

This year will see significant changes in the health, education, and social sectors. Te Rau Ora will aspire for health workforces to support Māori in a flourishing state. We will do this by supporting a workforce that is trans-sectorial, transdisciplinary, rooted in Kaupapa Māori and responsive to whānau.

Te Rau Ora will continue to develop and maintain Māori workforces and strategic imperatives to effectively contribute to Māori Health & Wellbeing.