Tā Tātou Mahere Korowai Award (Rangatahi Leadership Group)

“Ka Pu te Ruha – Ka Hao te Rangatahi”

When the old net is cast aside, the new net goes fishing. This proverbial saying refers to the younger generation taking up the reigns left by their elders.

Tā Tātou Mahere Korowai Award

Developing a Rangatahi Māori group is important to ensure Rangatahi perspectives are heard across the whole health system, especially in the mental health and addiction systems.  

This award provides an opportunity to establish a Rangatahi Māori group or to provide support for an emerging Rangatahi Māori group who are passionate about making a difference to Rangatahi mental, emotional, and social wellbeing and building Rangatahi resilience. 

The Rangatahi Māori group must be led by Rangatahi Māori and hold a vision for Rangatahi Māori wellbeing.

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