Supporting Kaupapa Māori IMPHA Workforce Development

In December 2021, the Ministry of Health approached Te Rau Ora to support workforce development within the Kaupapa Māori Providers selected to deliver the Tuakana-Teina Stream of the new integrated primary mental health and addiction (IPMHA) services for Access and Choice.

The Ministry has asked Te Rau Ora to engage in an analysis of Māori mental health and addiction workforce needs, identifying training gaps, establishing, and delivering a plan for the development and maintenance of knowledge, skills, and support for Kaupapa Māori Services.

Kaupapa Māori services, programmes and approaches will continue to play an essential role in addressing whānau wellbeing, especially when there is a greater prevalence in complex health and social issues that require holistic, culturally led, and ongoing interventions which can only be provided by a skilled Māori multidisciplinary workforce, able to sustain effective long-term relationships and links with other providers.

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