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Welcome to the suite of publications and resources that contribute to Māori aspirations and span a range of areas pertaining to wellbeing.

Ko Tōku Ara Rā COVID-19 2020

Ko Tōku Ara Rā COVID-19 2020

Ko Tōku Ara Rā Covid-19 2020 is a contribution by nine rohe of their experiences during the Rāhui period and what is enduring for them, and continued survival.

Te Aronga-a-Hine Consolidation Report 2020

A summary of evidence and recommendations from Te Aronga-a-Hine (the Project) that informs workforce priorities for Māori women, babies, children and whānau.

Māori Midwifery Symposium Proceedings 2020

Evidence developed from the following documents:

Rapua te Aronga-a-Hine (Tupara & Tahere. 2020).

Kimihia te Aronga-a-Hine (McClintock, et al. 2020).

Whaia te Aronga-a-Hine a Ngā Kaiwhakawhanau Māori (Te Huia, J. 2020).

Whaia te Aronga-a-Hine Ngā Māmā (Te Huia, B. 2020).

Waka Hourua Māori Suicide Research Symposium 2019: Key Messages

The National Waka Hourua Māori Suicide Prevention Research Symposium, 4th March 2019, was held to show case research that aligned with the priorities of Te Rā o Te Waka Hourua II.

Ngā Kōmata o Te Rangi

Māori Mental Health Hui Report 2019. Oranga Tangata, Oranga Whānau. Oranga Taiao

Cybersafety for Indigenous Youth Population

The main focus of this report is to explore the current research relevant to providing better information for Māori whānau.

He Kai i Nga Rangatira

He korero o nga whānau whaiora. People with lived experience of mental health challenges.

He Puna Whakaata

Therapeutic Activities to Guide Change. Andre McLachlan & Terry Huriwai.

He Puna Whakaata

Therapeutic Activities to Guide Change. Andre McLachlan, Terry Huriwai and Sarah Kinred..

Rapua-te-Aronga-a-Hine-feb2020 Cover

Rapua te Aronga a Hine

The Māori Midwifery Workforce in Aotearoa.
A Literature Review – February 2020

Hīkaka te Manawa

Making a difference for rangatahi.

Indigenous Insight 1

Inspiring innovation.
Kaupapa Māori models of practice.

Indigenous Insight 2

Inspiring innovation
Kaupapa Māori models of practice.

Kia Hora te Marino

Trauma informed care for Māori.

Kia Puawai te Ararau

National Māori mental health workforce development strategic plan.

Kaupapa Māori Mental Health and Addiction Services

Best practice framework.

Māori Health Workforce Factsheets

Māori Health Workforce Data Fact Sheets Resource. A summary of current literature – May 2017.

Whakapuāwaitia Ngāi Māori 2030

Thriving as Māori 2030. Māori health workforce priorities – September 2012.

Māori Manifesto

A Framework for change. Submission to the Mental Health Inquiry Panel.

Māori Medical Workforce Factsheet – April 2018

A summary of New Zealand medical workforce data for the period 2005 – 2015.

Māori Mental Health Needs Profile

A review of the evidence.

Māori Mental Health Nursing: Growing our Workforce

Every whānau should
have a Māori nurse.

Profiling of the Māori Health Workforce 2017

Citation: Sewell, J. (2017). Profiling the Māori health workforce 2017.

See You Tomorrow Eh!

No one wants to lose a mate. The purpose of this information is to support members of the public to
provide general help to people who may be at risk of suicide.

Tā Tātou Mahere Korowai Guidelines

Guidelines to setting up Rangatahi advisory groups for child and adolescent mental health, addiction or whānau ora services.

Te Hau Marire Strategy

Addiction workforce strategic framework for people working with Māori experiencing addiction-related harm (2015–2025).

Te Iti Me Te Rahi Factsheet

Te Iti Me Te Rahi Factsheet.

Te Iti Me Te Rahi Survey Report

A partnership between Te Rau Matatini and the National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis (NIDEA), Waikato University.

Te Iti Me Te Rahi Mental Health Supplementary Report

Te Iti Me Te Rahi Mental Health Supplementary Report 2019.

Te Iti Me Te Rahi Addictions Supplementary Report

Te Iti Me Te Rahi Addictions Supplementary Report 2019

Te Pātūtū Oranga

Successful initiatives to strengthening the protective factors for suicide prevention amongst tāne Māori.

Te Rā o te Waka Hourua II

Strategic Research Agenda for Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention.

Tūmata Kōkiritia

Shifting the Paradigm is a change management strategy developed and led by Te Kete.

Turuki Turuki! Paneke Paneke!

Move it Move it! 
Move forward Move forward!

Whaia Te Ara Mōu

Wellbeing, Mental Health and Addicitons Teaching and Career Resources for Secondary School.

A Whanau Ora Approach

A mental health and addiction framework.

Whiria Te Oranga

Kaumatua workforce strategy for mental health and addiction services.

Kimihia te Aronga a Hine

Workforce Survey Report 2020

Whaia te Aronga a Hine – Ngā Māmā. 

Ngā Maia Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Whaia te Aronga a Ngā Kaiwhakawhānau Māori: 

The Māori Midwifery Workforce in Aotearoa.


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