Tino Rangatiratanga 2020 – What you can expect

Te Rau Ora will be holding their Annual Māori Health Leadership Summit in Auckland, 1st & 2nd September 2020. With a focus on Tino Rangatiratanga: Kōrero and Wānanga will privilege Te Ao Māori, Whanaungatanga, Te Reo me ona Tikanga, Mana Motuhake.


What you can expect on the First Day: 1st September 2020

We commence with Keynote Speaker Sir Mason Durie, who has to be the deepest Māori Health Reformer of our time. Sir Mason has spent a career in expanding our perspectives about Māori Wellbeing and influenced many Māori health professionals with his ideas for transformational change.

Lady Tureiti Moxon, is the stalwart of our vision for a Māori Health Authority. With a system based on Māori self-determination to address our health and social issues, Māori will be able to control their health, and gain equity with others.

The Māori COVID 19 Response will feature strongly throughout the programme commencing with Rahui Papa and Dr Amohia Boulton who will be joined by a Māori Panel in sharing their experiences during COVID 19.

We will have Wānanga centred on Rangatahi and Māori Lived Experience Leaders, and a Hui for Māori Addiction Leaders.

Rangatahi Wānanga

Ezekiel Raui will present the learnings of Tū Kotahi, the Rangatahi Peer to Peer Wellbeing Innovation that was piloted across four Auckland Schools.

We will have the opportunity to hear about a range of resilience building programmes for Rangatahi Māori that are being led by Rangatahi Māori

National Māori Lived Experience Leaders Hui

A Hui will focus on whanaungatanga among Māori lived experienced leaders with Te Kete Pounamu (National Organisation Māori Lived Experience Leaders)

National Māori Addiction Leadership Hui

Māori working in the addiction treatment sector will be interested in this rich forum about Māori leadership, supported by Ngamaru Raerino, Dr Vanessa Caldwell, Tuari Potiki, Gilbert Taurua and many others. There will be an opportunity to kōrero about national Māori addiction leadership; to share about programmes such as Whare Tukutuku; Health not Handcuffs and for a Māori Expert Panel to talk about the issues that are being faced in the Addiction Sector.

Best Practice by Māori Organisations

We will conclude the first day with a dynamic panel discussion by four Māori organisations who will talk about what they must do to make a difference in their communities.

Turuki Healthcare, Kāhui Tū Kaha,Te Kaha o te Rangatahi and Ngā Ringa Awhina o Hauora Trust

What you can expect on the Second Day:

We commence with Keynote Speakers Wiremu and Lesley Niania, whose dedication to Wairuatanga, Healing and Mahi Wairua affirm the elements of importance in our indigenous ways of being, and in Hauora Māori.

Moe Milne and Terri Cassidy will facilitate the morning symposium which will raise in a significant way what needs to occur for systemic change and how we have to do things differently.

A panel of Māori experts will then form a ‘Māori X Factor Panel’ to dialogue about what it has taken them to work in a system to make change and how this experience and its struggle will be important going forward.

We will have Wānanga centred on Wahine Māori, Kaupapa Māori mental health and addiction services and Whānau centred programmes.

Wahine Māori

Te Aronga a Hine is a collaborative between Te Rau Ora, Counties Manukau Health and Nga Maia, that focused on building the evidence base to inform the workforce required to centre on the health needs of Wahine Māori and their whānau. A collective of Wahine Toa, will provide a range of presentations from this kaupapa.

Kaupapa Māori Mental Health and Addiction Services

With a 35 year legacy of Māori Mental Health and Addiction Service delivery in Aotearoa, Māori still persist this is the best model to address their holistic health needs – so why is there a constant struggle to overcome the oppression of dominating western ideologies? This forum will provoke and raise critical conversations about the future of Kaupapa Māori mental health and addiction services.

Whānau Wānanga

Mauri Ora Social Innovation

Kerri Butler will present the Mauri Ora Social Innovation for tangata whaiora and their whānau. A collaborative between Waikato DHB, Janssen, Manawanui and Te Rau Ora, the Innovation is a first of its kind being led by a Māori lived experience workforce; supported by a self directed fund for tangata whaiora and access to recovery opportunities.

Tiaki Whānau Tiaki Ora

Karina Cootes will present on Tiaki Whānau Tiaki Ora, a Māori Community Suicide Prevention approach that has reached over 1000 Māori homes with the recruitment and support of Whānau Champions across Aotearoa