Rangatiratanga: Leadership

Growing and Advancing Māori Leadership

Strong leadership is needed for good health.   The role of Te Rau Ora is to build the capacity and capability of Māori for Leadership

Toitū Accord

Māori Leadership for Health & Wellbeing

‘Toitū te kupu; toitū te mana; toitū te whenua’

Ten markers have been identified as key touchstones for Māori leadership in health and wellbeing. The markers reflect assertions that can be applied across the full spectrum of services, programmes and facilities, all aiming to improve Māori health or increase levels of wellness.

Toitu Hauora Māori Health Leadership Summit

The Toitū Hauora Leadership Summit is part of Toitū Hauora Māori 2030, which was established as part of the Henry Rongomau Bennett Foundation. Toitū Hauora Māori 2030 is a future-focused programme that aims to build the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to grow Māori leadership in health.
Our annual Toitū Hauora Māori Health leadership summits bring together Māori leaders, whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori kaimahi, providers, and funders.

100 Māori Leaders

100 Māori Leaders is part of the Henry Rongomau Bennett Foundation, Leadership strategy. This resource identifies Māori leaders of today who influence and contribute to Māori health and wellbeing. It identifies Māori at the top of health career pathways, to inspire the Māori health workforce and generate interest from others to look at careers in health.


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