What is Zui?

Zui is our virtual online hui (meeting spaces) which use a free online video conferencing tool called Zoom. Zoom allows people to stay connected to each other using video conference.

Why is it important to have Zui?

  • With the current rāhui (Lockdown) in New Zealand, Zoom let’s us hold hui with one another to ensure we are staying connected, which is very important over this time.

What if I don’t have data?

  • Please contact us on 0800 POUNAMU (0800 768 626), so we can discuss options with you to support.

Is it Safe?

  • Yes, Over 40 million people in the world use Zoom
  • Zoom meetings are protected with many things like encryptions to keep your session safe and secure
  • You can choose to show your video or not; it’s always your choice
  • The host will ask for permission from the participants if they are okay with having the meeting recorded if they say no then the session will not be recorded
  • Zoom meetings are private and secure. Only those that attend can see and talk to each other, and the host can choose to let someone into a meeting or not
  • After you download Zoom you can use it without having to register your details at any time, click the ‘join meeting’ button

Is it hard to use?

  • It’s straightforward, you just click on the link where you will be asked if you want to download and run zoom, click yes. Otherwise, you can go to www.zoom.us/client/latest/ZoomInstaller.exe and install it on your computer or to your app store on your mobile phone
  • If someone text’s you the meeting ID, you only need to open Zoom on your computer and join the meeting with that meeting ID number
  • If you do not have access to the internet or significant space available on your phone to download the Zoom app, there is a simple step by step way to Dial into every zoom meeting. Please seek directions from the meeting host, who will have easy to follow instructions on how to use this function. (Please be advised, that additional mobile charges are likely to occur while utilising this function).

What makes Zoom so great to use?

  • Zoom has some cool features like changing your background to different scenery
  • A waiting room to make sure those who come into the meeting are the right people
  • The host can share videos or presentations for everyone to see
  • You can chat during the sessions using your keyboard
  • You can use reactions like raising your hand or clapping to say you like something
  • You can use Zoom with your computer, tablet or mobile phone

If you need any support to use Zoom, please contact us on 0800 POUNAMU (0800 768 626), and we can talk you through the process