What is the NGO Council?

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The Non- Government Organisation (NGO) Council is a group that works closely with the Ministry of Health and across agencies. It consists of representatives elected by NGOs within the Health and Disability sector. Representatives are drawn from Personal Health, Public Health, Mental Health and Addiction, Māori Health, Pacific Health, Disability Support Services.

The Mental Health and Addiction representatives are Leilani Maraku (Mana o te Tangata Trust) and Dr Barbara Disley (Emerge Aotearoa). The Māori Health representatives are Beverley Te Huia (Choices), Carole Koha (Te Waka Whaiora) and Maria Baker (our very own CEO). Dr Maria Baker was elected the NGO Council this year (2019).

The NGO Council meets quarterly to work on issues that affect our respective NGOs. There is an annual NGO Ministry of Health Forum held in Wellington that provides a conduit for NGO’s to network, to raise relevant topics and solutions to the forefront.

Maria is seeking kōrero from NGO Māori Health and Disability providers. Please make contact from end January 2020, to touch base about how the NGO Council could be helpful to you! (maria.baker@terauora.com).