Welcome to Te Rau Ora

Te Rau Ora is led by 100% Māori Board of Directors and Māori CEO, with a number of business units. Here is a glimpse of the leading unit Te Kete Pounamu.

Te Kete Pounamu: National Organisation of Māori Lived Experience Leaders

Te Kete Pounamu was established in 2016, following a series of hui in 2015, and is an independent business unit with National Governance Leadership; Nationwide Coverage through Regional Networks; Māori Lived Experience Wananga Programme; Change Management Framework; Innovation and Workforce Development Programme and Māori Lived Experience Workforce.   https://terauora.com/our-work/lived-experience/

Its broad objectives include :

  • Ensure Māori with lived experience of mental distress and addiction inform and influence systemic change that respond to the needs of Māori;
  • Influence change and improvements for whaiora Māori through active leadership, mentorship and advocacy;
  • Provide Māori with lived experience independent forums to come together to whanaungatanga, kōrero in their regions and share regional aspirations;
  • Influence service delivery at local, regional, and national levels to provide services that are meaningful and promote Pae ora (wellbeing) for Māori ;
  • Advocate for Māori to receive high quality care and support from mental health and addiction services;
  • Expose and address issues of stigma and discrimination;
  • Strengthen workforce development for Māori with lived experience; and
  • Support and strengthen local, regional, national, and international indigenous networks associated with the perspectives of whaiora Māori.


Te Kete Pounamu has grown from strength to strength with increasing requests from regions, and organisations for authentic Māori Lived Experience expertise and a cohesive voice that works to protect and advance the rights of Māori .

Contact Kerri Butler for further information: kerri.butler@terauora.com