Welcome to Te Rau Ora

Te Rau Ora in conjunction with the New Zealand Drug Foundation has been charged with developing an approach to deliver an Alcohol and other Drug (AoD) Workforce Innovation, now named ‘ Te Whare Tukutuku’.

“Te Whare Tukutuku – a connected approach from many weavers’ hands to addressing Alcohol and Other Drug (AoD) challenges.”

Whiria te muka harakeke, whiria te muka tangata. Puritia ngā taonga a o tātou tūpuna hei taonga mā ngā uri whakatupu.

Plat the flax fibres, plat the fibres of mankind. Hold on to the treasures of our ancestors as a taonga for future generations.

Te Whare Tukutuku is currently a team of three comprising Tracey Potiki, Projet Lead, Kim Gotlieb, Senior Programme Coordinator and Eugene Carnachan, communications. Te Whare Tukutuku, as a team will kōrero with whānau Māori working within hapori Māori about their respective AoD tohungatanga, what is working and what is not. As a response to their kōrero, Te Whare Tukutuku will co-design, deliver and evaluate an “Approach to workforce development and addiction through an integrated model of prevention”.

We as a team are collectively excited about Te Whare Tukutuku, being afforded the privilege of being able to listen to the needs of whānau Māori working in AoD care and prevention within their respective communities. We are also aware and thankful of the mātauranga between both Te Rau Ora and the New Zealand Drug Foundation. As we consolidate and progress Te Whare Tukutuku we look forward to working alongside you all in developing Te Whare Tukutuku to its fullest potential.