Waitangi Tribunal

Many people in the health sector are striving for better Māori health outcomes, and the recommendations of the Waitangi Tribunals first stage of the Health Inquiry provides a way forward. Here are some of the other hot of the press kōrero about the Waitangi Tribunal Inquiries to keep an eye on.

Stage One of the Health Inquiry

Stage One of the Health Inquiry was completed and the Waitangi Tribunal issued the Stage One report, Hauora: Report on Stage One of the Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry  which is with the Government and Ministry of Health.

Stage Two of the Health Inquiry

Following a Judicial Conference in October 2019 that discussed planning matters in relation to Stage Two of the Health Inquiry. It has been confirmed that the Tribunal will now prepare to hear and report on all claims concerning disabilities first, as the first part of Stage Two. It then means the Mental Health and Alcohol, tobacco and substance misuse priority areas may be inquired together with an approximate commencement in April 2020.