Tuia Te Ao Marama: Māori Mental Health Nursing

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There are a few Māori Registered Nurses employed at Te Rau Ora who are members of Māori  Caucus – Te Ao Maramatanga (New Zealand College of Mental Health Nurses).  As a rōpū, we were fortunate to be part of a kaupapa capturing the stories of Māori mental health Nurses in an oral history programme called Tuia Te Ao Marama.

It’s a rich resource of Māori who share their various experiences when they practised as mental health nurses between 1950-1990. The timeframe was chosen for its significant changes in mental health care delivery in Aotearoa, such as Kaupapa Māori mental health service development, and health service reforms.

Earlier this year, we completed two new interviews with Māori mental health nurses, which will be added to the oral history website.  We will also be seeking others to join this kaupapa in due time.

If you are keen to learn about the experiences or to hear the reflections of Māori mental health nurses during this time, please do visit http://www.Māori  You will see familiar faces of Māori leaders who continue to contribute to the wellbeing of Māori.