Recommendations from the Waitangi 1315 & 2575 Claims

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Recommendations from the Waitangi 1315 & 2575 Claims

Te Rau Ora hosted The Future of Māori  Health Forum at Parliament, where 100 Māori  Leaders participated in a day of kōrero, reflections and planning for a better future.

In this e-pānui we profile Lady Tureiti Moxon, whose presentation describes the history and challenges in the journey of the Waitangi Tribunal Claims 1315 and 2575, and the eventual Hauora Report on Stage One of the Health Services and Outcomes Kaupapa Inquiry which sets clear the pathway forward to make a change within the health system.

Picture of Lady Tureiti Moxon

“We need leaders who are going to stand up and be counted.

The more voices we hear about what we need as Māori is important

We will not achieve change if people are sitting comfortably

The future has to be tino rangatiratanga and mana motuhake!

The future of Māori health is in our hands, kia kaha tātou”

Lady Tureiti Moxon

Lady Tureiti shares of the Waitangi Tribunal recommendations, the next steps and moemoea for the future.  Two of the overarching recommendations from the Hauora Report include the
  1. Amendment of the equity clauses in the NZ Public Health and Disability Act and
  2. Inclusion of a new Te Tiriti o Waitangi clause. 
Lady Tureiti shares that the claimants have engaged Māori providers, whānau, hapu and iwi who have expressed overwhelming support for mana motuhake and a stand-alone  (By Māori for Māori ) Authority supported by statute, under Māori control with adequate resourcing and commissioning options. Lady Tureiti states this is the preferred solution rather than what is mooted in the Simpson Health and Disability Review Report which proposes to position the Māori Health Authority within a non-Māori and current health system construct.