Tiakina te Āhuru Mōwai Wānanga

Tiakina te Āhuru Mōwai wānanga aims to develop strong reflective practitioners who place Wahine and their whānau at the centre of their practice.

Tiakina te Āhuru Mōwai is a programme led by Wahine Māori developed to enhance frontline workforce capability to work effectively with Wahine Māori and their whānau, in contexts where there are vulnerabilities to family violence, mental distress and suicide.

At a recent Tiakina te Āhuru Mōwai wānanga attendees were recently asked: “What were the positive outcomes of the wānanga?” In summary, they shared the importance of;

Tikanga Māori
• Locating Wahine at the centre of our practice, inclusive of Wairua.
• An acknowledgement of the realities of Wahine Māori and their rightful privileging in this programme
• A significant Māori model of practice with an evidence base from Te Ao Māori.

• The open discussions, with the ability to speak openly, to ask questions and have practice-based questions answered thoroughly.
• Having fun, sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences.

The Facilitators
• Facilitators were wonderful, approachable and knowledgeable who promoted unity amongst colleagues.

Professional Development
• “It was the best ‘training’ and professional development I had undertaken.”
• “This was relevant to my work with women and children.”