Seeking Feedback on the DRAFT He Ara Oranga Wellbeing Outcomes Framework: Initial Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission

When the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission establishes in 2021, it will oversee the whole mental health and wellbeing system, provide leadership and support, and challenge it to perform better. To assist this process the initial Commission has been tasked to develop a wellbeing outcomes framework, with relevance to mental health and addiction. A DRAFT framework called the ‘He Ara Oranga wellbeing outcomes framework’ aims to reflect the pathway to wellness and their role in ensuring the legacy of He Ara Oranga continues.

The DRAFT Framework is on the Initial Commission’s website:

Seeking your views
At a conceptual level, views are being sought about:

  • Six areas of wellbeing; Vision Statement and Principles

How to give your feedback
To give your feedback, you can:


Feedback by Friday 11 September 2020.