# Respect The Rāhui

The Māori proactive response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic has been impressive. The quick resourcefulness and resilience of our people and Māori Leadership has been incredible.
We wanted to take the opportunity to say Ngā mihi Rangatira ma!

Māori led responses were seen accelerating across communities as soon as the level system was introduced and Aotearoa shifted from Level three to Level four.

The providers with frontline workforces reorganised services, and they gathered equipment and supplies. We saw workforces in the health sector promote the importance of Flu Vaccinations in their communities and sought for the assurance there would be optimum standards met with infection prevention and control measures and their access to personal protective equipment.

We saw the flexibility and willingness of Māori health workforces to adapt and to place themselves in locations to fight COVID 19, and of those who had retired from the health sector, an invitation for their return to practice.

Māori providers, Iwi, Rūnanga, Marae, Hapū, and Whānau; Whānau Ora Commissioning Agencies and Māori Leaders across sectors mobilised together. In many cases, they continue to drive and contribute to localised action-packed supports for their people and communities with resources, support, water and food supplies.

We witnessed checkpoints established in and near health services, in makeshift clinics and drive-through options.

We also heard loudly from Iwi Leaders who made it clear about not wanting COVID 19 entering into their rohe, and for the utmost protection of whānau, hapū and iwi.

We are in unprecedented times in Aotearoa and a month into COVID 19 being on our whenua.
We wanted to say we are very grateful for ALL the people pulling together in their efforts, energies and compassion for this kaupapa.

Our call is to #Respect the Rāhui, #Nohokitekainga, #Protect Our Whakapapa.