Rapua Te Aronga-A-Hine Literature Review – The Māori Midwifery Workforce In Aotearoa

Rapua Te Aronga-a-Hine is the first comprehensive literature review of the Māori midwifery workforce in Aotearoa New Zealand. The review uncovers layers of barriers that are inhibiting the growth and advancement of Māori midwives within the health and tertiary education sectors, and opportunities to achieve revolutionary change.

Te Rau Ora in partnership with Ngā Māia Trust and Counties Manukau Health are working together to develop an evidence base to inform Māori workforce development priorities with a focus on Māori women, babies, children and whānau. The evidence base will help identify professional development needs, ensure a spotlight on indigenous health, and build a culturally appropriate professional Māori health workforce.

The literature review is the first step to understanding the Māori midwifery landscape, the nuances of all frontline workforces, that for Māori, help us to ‘Celebrate, Demonstrate, Mobilise, Unite’ in the International Year of the Midwife 2020.’

Click HERE the Rapua Te Aronga-a-Hine for the literature.

For further information, please contact Kahu.McClintock@terauora.com

Dr Kahu McClintock, Manager Te Kīwai Rangahau, Te Rau Ora