Rangatahi Ambassadors

Rangatahi Ambassadors is a formal group of six young people from Victoria University who provide a “voice” for youth in the community on the topic of suicide prevention, emotional, mental health and wellbeing. Its objective is to facilitate a strong Māori youth perspective and voice to the solutions that can address the disproportionate rates of youth mental, emotional and social challenges in Aotearoa. Six rangatahi ambassadors were recruited from Pōneke – all attending Victoria University. Click on the link to meet the rangatahi ambassadors: https://www.facebook.com/TeRauOra/videos/569443756961136/ All are involved in Māori university and community activities.

Rangatahi Ambassadors participate in project-based learning, under the kaupapa of Rangatahi Ora at Te Rau Ora which includes suicide prevention, youth leadership and health promotion.  Rangatahi Ambassadors are a well-connected, networked group of young people.  As contemporary Māori leaders they are more poised to place the values of their tīpuna to the fore.