Ko Te Reo Te Mauri O Te Mana Māori: Language Is The Heart And Soul Of Māoridom

Last year we completed Te Iti me te Rahi: Everyone Counts – A Survey of the Māori Health Workforce.

A key attribute identified, was 65% of the Māori Health Workforce were able to speak te reo Māori fairly well in comparison to the overall national rate amongst Māori of 23 %.  We were happy to hear in the Wellbeing Budget, the investment into the growth of te reo Māori, with the aims for the Māori language to thrive and in doing so for a stronger sense of national identity.  Programmes such as Maihi Karauna and Maihi Māori programmes will provide support for te reo across a range of public service agencies also.   We have witnessed an increase in opportunities to learn te reo Māori in the workplace amongst the health and disability workforces, which are already demonstrating a difference in the ways workforces are engaging with Māori and learning an appreciation of Te Ao Māori.   These aspects can only enhance the insights of the health and disability workforces to the importance of te reo me ōna tikanga as the heart and soul of Māoridom.