Introduction to Te Tai Tokerau Regional Lead

How grateful I am to have been assigned this role to lead Tai Tokerau as the regional lead in forwarding the kōrero for people who live with Mental Health challenges. My name is Tui Taurua and I whakapapa to Waitangi, hence the reason why I live on the Papakainga. My father’s name is Kingi Taurua (the first kaumatua of Te Kete Pounamu) and my mother; Mate Horomoana Ashby. My hapū is Ngāti Rehia, Ngāti Rahiri rāua ko Ngāti Kawa. My iwi Ngāpuhi nui tonu. I have been involved in the tangata whaiora movement for over twenty-five years.

An additional goal given by my father was to set up a safe service for Māori who live with the challenges of Mental Health. This regional role brings me full circle, and I am excited to be in a position to not only further the kōrero of the Taumata but to bring to pass my father’s legacy. More importantly, he added to his counsel, that I was to listen to the people, to identify what they want, and then work towards achieving it.

Inclusive of Te Kete Pounamu, I am on a the National Equally Well, Strategic Leadership Group, identifying overall health issues for Māori. Secondly, I am now on the PHARMAC Community Advisory Body (CAC) being a Māori Mental Health Advisor. Finally, I work in the community doing the Med Run in the evening.

Overall, my professional experiences along with my personal experience of living with a Mental Illness since my first hospitalisation (1977), working in Mental Health starting as a Community Support Worker (1995) continues to direct my path in ensuring the voice of people with lived experience is heard. I used to be invisible, and it’s not a nice place to be. I’m sure there are many with similar experiences. It’s time for you to be heard.

Tui Taurua
Regional Lead ki Te Tai Tokerau
0204 165 9668