Introducing Georgia Butler – Kairuruku, Te Kete Pounamu









Ko Ngātokimatawhaorua te waka

Ko Pukehaua me Pukehuia ngā maunga

Ko Hokianga Whakapau Karakia te moana

Ko Omanaia te marae

Ko Ngā Puhi ko Ngāti Porou ko Ngāti Ingarangi ngā iwi

Ko Jamie Butler tōku papa

Ko Kerri Bristowe tōku mama

Ko Georgia Butler ahau


My journey in this sector unknowingly started when I was a young girl. I was given exposure to the systems, and what reality was like for my whānau experiencing significant distress. My lived experience comes from standing by my Mum on her journey within the services. The adversity I witnessed while growing up ignited a passion within me to do and be better for our next generation.


My role as Kairuruku (National Co-Ordinator) for Te Kete Pounamu allows me to connect with like-minded people across Aotearoa in local, regional, and national spaces. Within these spaces, whānau are given an opportunity for their voice to be heard, and their kōrero actioned. I firmly believe that Te Kete Pounamu has a fundamental role in the future of our Rangatahi, systems and practices. I am honoured to be in this role and to have the opportunity to be apart of a significantly defining process not just for Māori but in health as well.