International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership

Kerri Butler (Te Kete Pounamu/Te Rau Ora) and Leilani Maraku (Te Kete Pounamu/Mana o Te Tangata Trust) attended the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) kaupapa in Washington DC, United States about Indigenous programmes and leadership around the world.

The Wharerātā Declaration

The Wharerātā Group of Indigenous mental health leaders from Canada, the United States, Australia, Samoa and New Zealand developed the Wharerātā Declaration in 2010. In 2019 the Declaration is still being used to guide indigenous activities across IIMHL. Carol Koha (Te Waka Whaiora Manager) is the Aotearoa New Zealand contact person for the Te Wharerātā declaration.

The Indigenous Mental Health Leadership Match

Kerri and Leilani were part of the Mental Health Leadership Match meetings which included a peer leadership match, suicide prevention match, multicultural leadership match and for several years there has been the indigenous mental health leadership match. At the indigenous match meeting there were a number of presentations.

Kerri Butler’s Te Rau Ora Presentation

Kerri Butler presented at the Indigenous Match on Te Rau Ora lived experience programmes including Te Kete Pounamu, Mā Purapura Mai and Tūmata Kōkiritia. Though, lived experience programmes are being delivered throughout the world, Mā Purapura Mai is the first of its kind as an indigenous lived experience leadership programme.

Lived Experience in Aotearoa New Zealand

Māori lived experience leadership is strong in Aotearoa New Zealand, whereby some countries continue to use the recovery paradigm whereas Aotearoa New Zealand is going beyond recovery to embed holistic frameworks such as Te whare tapa wha.

The aspirations of Māori with lived experience in Aotearoa New Zealand is inspirational with our people being more than our story – our people have skills, experience and knowledge as Māori.