Indigenous Peoples Right to Health: Access to Health Care and Restoring Traditional Healing Systems in the time of COVID 19

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An International Indian Treaty Council webinar presented Indigenous leaders, who shared their views on the access and restoration of healing during COVID 19.

Hinewirangi Kohu Morgan

Whaea Hinewirangi Kohu Morgan provided insights from Aotearoa which blended from her stories and experiences of working with whānau.

Whaea Hinewirangi made the point, that the decolonisation process for first nations and indigenous peoples can be one of the most painful yet rewarding restorative approaches in healing.  “If we were to return to traditional foods, ways of living and medicines”  we would not be up against the many challenges indigenous communities are experiencing now.

Whaea Hinewirangi encouraged participants to not only advocate for indigenous rights but to live by these, to leverage on these at a personal level.   In this stance, Whaea Hinewirangi challenged participants to think about how they were giving their cultural heritage to their tamariki and mokopuna.

Whaea Hinewirangi mentioned Aotearoa has growing indigenous thought leadership.  Whaea prompted participants by saying more was needed to know HOW to apply this thought leadership to enable change among our people.  It was in this regard, Whaea said  those with Lived Experience held more value for change versus those poised from an academic stance only.

In her final words, Whaea emphasised indigenous peoples living and walking in their talk and truth. By showing in our lives, what we are saying and promoting in our work as indigenous practitioners working with our communities,  has to be one of the most authentic journeys that is important now and into the future.