Hoe Rua: Workbased placement programme: Growing the Addiction Sector

The Hoe Rua work-based placement programme is designed to increase the capacity in the addiction sector. By providing an opportunity for people to experience working in the addiction sector with the support of experts and access to training and supervision.


Two key components of the Hoe Rua programme include becoming a host organisation, and the other is the placement of an intern to the sector who will gain on the job experience and training with the approved host for a fixed term of up to twelve months.


For new host organisations, you are welcome to contact Tima.Tuinasau@terauora.com for a host organisation application form.  The applications for Hoe Rua work-based placement internship will be open on the 1st February for the 2020 year. The Hoe Rua Scholarship will remain open for one month.