He Puna Whakaata

He Puna Whakaata is a training course for frontline professionals that blends Māori models of practice and wellbeing into the therapeutic approach, when working with Māori. Whakataukī based value cards are part of the package which introduce participants to their use in both an individual and group setting.   The course is delivered by Dr Andre McLachlan (Māori Clinical Psychologist) and Hera Kinred (Kaitiaki Matauranga Māori).   We appreciate the need in bringing kaupapa to Māori communities, and next month we are privileged to be in Wairoa and Paeroa with He Puna Whakaata.

You will know if this training wānanga is for you:   If you are a practitioner working with Māori interested in enhancing your skills and practice by increasing your understanding on how to embed both Māori principles of hauora with a range of therapeutic techniques.

To register check out these links:

He Puna Whakaata ki Wairoa mai i te marae Taitimu 13th November 2020


He Puna Whakaata ki Paeroa mai i te marae Pai o Hauraki 27th November 2020