Commitment to Action: Food Sovereignty and Traditional Knowledge

Te Rau Ora was privileged to co-host with the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) and other affiliates in Aotearoa; Te Kunenga Mai Hawaiki – Pacific Food Sovereignty and Traditional Knowledge Conference in Aotearoa at Takahiwai Marae.

Whānau and kaimahi from a variety of sectors attended the conference to share insights on food sovereignty, climate change, and traditional knowledge. We were inspired by our awesome speakers and learnt more about traditional food systems and practices. The Declaration of Takahiwai (available soon) was formed and adopted at the conference reinforcing our commitment to protect our traditional foods, practices, and transfer of these skills and knowledge for future generations.


I kune mai Hawaiki, ki te kune kai, ki te kune tangata

The source of all things valuable
Those valuable things are people, knowledge, culture, traditional practices