Cody Black – Kairuruku Te Kete Pounamu

Ko Ruapehu tōku maunga

Ko Aotea tōku waka

Ko Whangaehu tōku awa

Ko Ngāti Rangi tōku iwi

Ko Ngāti Rangituhia tōku hapu

Ko Tirorangi tōku marae

I have my own lived experience of utilising suppression, distraction and disassociation as coping mechanisms to survive adversity and childhood trauma. I know what it is like to have everything in place externally but to feel like you are drowning within.

I am grateful to be in my role within Te Rau Ora as Kairuruku  (National Co-ordinator) – Te Kete Pounamu.  I have the privilege of working alongside our regional leads throughout Aotearoa, to ensure we remain connected as one rōpū despite being seperated geographically. The regional leads keep us updated on what whānau within their region are voicing. They provide insight into the different needs of our people throughout the motu which is fedback to our National rōpū. The National rōpū have the capacity to take these voices to a space of Governance to implement positive change for our people within the health sector.

I am in spaces with people ready to speak out, to share, to be, in a safe, non-judgemental space among like-minded individuals. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and it is our responsibility within Te Kete Pounamu to ensure that those stories are carried into places where positive change will take effect for the betterment of Māori.