2020 New Zealand Cannabis Referendum

2020 New Zealand cannabis referendum will be held at the 2020 New Zealand general election. With the question of whether to legalise the personal use of cannabis. The New Zealand public will get to vote Yes or No to legalise recreational cannabis use moving from a model of prohibition to a model of regulation. Regardless of the referendum outcome, the Ministry of Justice has been directed by the New Zealand Government to prepare the Bill that will inform the government response to a change in the existing Drug law.

Understanding the history of addiction in  New Zealand will need to be part of the mindset going forward.  Looking carefully at what the evidence is saying and question the discriminatory nature of New Zealand’s existing drug laws.

Te Rau Ora have partnered with like-minded health and social justice organisations in the Health not Handcuffs campaign – our united aim is to address the many issues people harmed by addiction face.

We believe that addiction is best viewed as a health issue not a criminal justice one and that our whānau with drug issues need a cloak of support and care, not punishment and stigma.

Please view   https://www.healthnothandcuffs.nz/  there is a call for more stories.

Finally, for the 2020 New Zealand Cannabis referendum, it will be important Māori are the primary decision makers regarding  aspects of drug law reforms – it cannot be anything about us ….. without us.

Mauri Ora!