Māori Organisations

There is a fundamental obligation under Te Tiriti o Waitangi in Aotearoa on the part of the Crown for Māori to have active, authentic participation and control in delivering health, disability and social services.   Māori Organisations are Māori governed and owned businesses that provide diverse services or programmes that are controlled and delivered by Māori.  

Some Māori Organisations provide primary health care services, some deliver comprehensive Whānau Ora services, some are specialised in specific areas such as mental health, addiction, disability, youth, social services but all are holistic in their approaches or models of practice.  

Māori Health Reforms and Hauora Māori strategies have enabled policies and programmes to advance Māori development for cultural advancement, Māori and service development, social equity and inclusion.  By reducing Crown delivered programmes, a devolution of resource and investment into the community and investment means that support for Iwi and Māori Governing Organisations is possible. These pro Equity and pro Te Tiriti o Waitangi approaches have helped foster strategies to enhance Māori perspectives, capital assets and worldviews especially for building the critical mass needed for health, disability and social services and programmes. 

The delivery of Community based Māori Non- Government Organisations has increased dramatically over the last twenty years,  and these will continue to thrive in the future.  

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Repositioning Health & Disability Non- Government Organisations for the Future ( A perspective for Māori NGO’s)  is the name of a snapshot report established by the National NGO Health and Disability Network.

Māori NGO perspective to proposed Health & Disability System Changes

 Inspired by the Health and Disability System Review, Waitangi Tribunal Claims (Wai 1315 & 2575) and the Hauora Report.  This report provides a Māori perspective of the potential implications of proposed health and disability system reforms on the Māori NGO sector. 

The proposed changes for the health and disability system reform are wide ranging and will have an impact on the whole health and disability system.  None of these changes can be considered in isolation from the others.  Māori involvement and participation in the health and disability system reform will be the best way forward.  

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Strengthening Public Health Contracts: Results from a National Survey (with focus on Māori Organisations)

In 2010 and 2015 nationwide surveys monitored government management of public health providers. These surveys found evidence of inconsistent management which disadvantaged Māori providers, consistent with institutional racism. In Dec 2019 to March 2020 a follow-up nationwide telephone survey was completed. Public health units, primary health organisations, Māori health providers and non-governmental organisations with public health contracts responded (72%)… READ MORE