Mā Purapura Mai Māori Leadership

by Keri Butler & Te Kīwai Rangahau


Mā Purapura Mai is a Māori lived experienced leadership kaupapa (programme) that comprises of five wānanga delivered by Te Rau Ora (formerly Te Rau Matatini) over a five month period.  The fifth wānanga provided an opportunity for participants to present to one another and the facilitators their reflections of the wānanga. The Dynamics of Whanaungatanga (relationships) were incorporated as a foundation framework to support tauira (students) to grow, develop and strengthen their knowledge and skills as lived experienced leaders able to use their mātauranga (knowledge) to influence positive health outcomes for tangata whaiora at all levels of the sector.

Publishing Information

CITATIONButler, K & Te Kīwai Rangahau. (2019). Mā Purapura Mai 2018 Māori Lived Experience Leadership Wānanga Report 2019