Kia hora te marino – Trauma Informed Care for Māori

by K McClintock, M Haereroa, M Baker


A national approach to Trauma Informed Care in Aotearoa (New Zealand) relevant to Māori (Indigenous people) must consider the effects of historical, cumulative, intergenerational and situational trauma. Seminal to this is an understanding of a pre-European Māori society where whānau violence was not acceptable nor common (Cooper, 2012; Durie, 2001; Jenkins & Harte, 2011; Pihama et al, 2017; Te Puni Kōkiri, 2008, Walker, 1990; Wirihana & Smith, 2014).

Therefore, this literature review explores Māori specific cultural understandings to assist Trauma Informed Care for Māori relevant to:

  • service delivery;
  • workforce responsiveness; and
  • aspects that will help facilitate implementation.

Publication Details

ISBN978-1-98-850165-9 (Electronic)
CITATIONMcClintock, K., Haereroa, M., Brown, T., Baker, M. (2018). Kia hora te marino – Trauma Informed Care for Māori. Wellington, New Zealand: Te Rau Matatini.