Kaitiaki Ahurea: Level 2

by Te Rau Ora


Kaitiaki Ahurea is an NZQA accredited Level two training course offered by Te Rau Ora.Kaitiaki Ahurea offers a program to improve public health and health promotion knowledge and leadership skills for people who are working with Māori communities.This course is offered to non Māori and Māori workforces and whānau Māori who work in public health, health promotion and communities with a specific interest in enhancing Māori health outcomes.

Programme Content:

  • Māori cultural principles
  • Cultural dimensions of illness and wellbeing
  • Historical perspectives of Māori and Health Promotion
  • Māori perspectives of Health Promotion Campaigns
  • Rationale for Health Promotion
  • New Zealand Public Health Policy
  • New Zealand Health Promotion Frameworks
  • Identifying Challenges with health promotion campaigns
  • Key aspects in health promotion delivery to Māori communities