Hīkaka te Manawa: Making a difference for Rangatahi

by A Sokratov & J M O’Brien


In 2012, Blueprint II set out a bold transformative vision of how things need to be to improve mental health and addiction support services in New Zealand. As this report demonstrates, this vision is being made a reality by rangatahi mental health and addiction service providers who, by embracing inclusive and collective cultural wisdom and practices are making a real difference for this vulnerable young population.

To date, our knowledge of the good work these services are doing along with the challenges they face has been largely anecdotal. Yet, if we are to capitalise on their strengths and grow and develop the model, evidence is critical.

This report gives us that evidence, born out of the collective desire of rangatahi mental health and addiction services across New Zealand to document their common successes and challenges. It draws on the collective experiences of 21 services across New Zealand, compelling insights from the people who are working at the grassroots and making a difference for rangatahi.

The gathering of information has been done in a partnership between agencies and providers in accordance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi and in keeping with the inclusive spirit underpinning the sector.

Two years on from Blueprint II, we now have valuable insights into what rangatahi mental health and addiction services are doing that is effective along with the constraints at a funding and policy level that need to be addressed to move forward.

On this basis, Hīkaka te Manawa: Making a difference for rangatahi sets out key recommendations for further progressing effectiveness access and outcomes and supporting sustainable funding for services into the future.

Publication Details

ISBN978-0-473-29789-3 (print)
978-0-473-29790-9 (online)
CITATIONA. Sokratov and J. M. O’Brien. 2014. Hīkaka te Manawa: Making a difference for rangatahi. Wellington: Health and Disability Commissioner and Te Rau Matatini.