Hanga I Te Tū O Te Hurihanga

by Te Rau Matatini


The purpose of this report is to present the discussion and aspirations of Māori with lived personal and whānau experiences of mental illness and mental health services who met at Waikato Tainui College for Research and Development, Ngaruawahia in September 20151.Background. The Making a Stand for Change Hui was the second hui hosted by Te Rau Matatini, a followup to a hui held in June 2015 that was facilitated by Kerri Butler (Take Notice Ltd) and Te Rau Matatini with Māori with lived experiences of mental illness and mental health services. That hui resulted in the report He Kai I te Rangatira, He Kōrero and identified essential areas requiring further attention, such as the need for:

  1. A National Māori voice
  2. Strategies to eliminate restrictive practice of Māori in mental health services
  3. An agreed and sustainable action plan to inspire change in mental health services with and for Māori

The aim of the second hui was to explore, discuss and determine these features to address the identified needs of Māori mental health service users who are disproportionately affected by restrictive practices in comparison to non-Māori. A strong theme represented in the aspirations of all participants was the need for more Māori centric mental health services. This included a change in ethos of mental health services in providing more wellness focused facilities with noho Marae, with te reo me ōna tikanga, waiata, kaimahi Māori and especially the attention to wairua to aid the recovery of Māori. Participants went further to state such facilities needed to be in natural environments to assist in their healing and recovery such as having ngahere and moana around them. Te Whare Oranga was one example described by a group of participants as being more beneficial to Māori recovery than what was being made available in most government funded mental health services.

Publishing Information

ISBN978-1-877412-40-0 (Electronic), 978-1-877412-39-4 (Print)
CITATIONTe Rau Matatini (2015). Making a Stand for Change Hui Report. Wellington: Te Rau Matatini.