Tu Wahine Trust

Māori Provider Description

Kaupapa Māori counselling, therapy and support for survivors of sexual harm (mahi tukino) and violence within Whānau.

Tu Wahine Trust is made up of both Māori and mainstream qualified professionals whose approach is informed by the Māori worldview and applied in a contemporary context. We provide services for victims of all forms of violence and abuse within the Whānau including specialist mahi tukino/sexual harm services where the victim/survivor has experienced mahi tukino within the Whānau, in other relationships, and stranger sexual harm.

Tu Wahine Trust provide:

Kōrero Awhina (counselling, therapy and support) in a safe space by qualified kai mahi, centres around the strengths of individual victims/survivors and their Whānau who have been affected by mahi tukino/sexual harm, both separately or as agreed by the survivor.
Education and Awareness in relation to the impact of mahi tukino on the individual and Whānau and ways of restoring and building Mana Wahine, Tu Wahine, Tutangata, which has been diminshed due to mahi tukino.
Advocate on behalf of individuals and Whānau to ensure opportunities for tamariki, wahine and Whānau affected by mahi tukino are accessible.
Primary prevention for Māori through Māori media – Radio Waatea’s weekly programme encourages individuals and Whānau to start conversations about mahi tukino. Development and dissemination of resources such as whakatauki, purakau and waiata with messages of well-being that lead to the elimination of mahi tukino and act as signposts to what and how this is achieved.
Support victims and Whānau to achieve living life free from mahi tukino.
Other services:

Kōrero Awhina is for victims of all forms of violence and abuse within the Whānau.
Programmes for tamariki/rangitahi and Whānau that encourage safety planning, behaviour change, personal growth and relationship building.
Programmes for wahine and Whānau which assist them to co-construct a cultural healing pathway that best suits their needs.

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GP, Local Community Groups, Mental Health Providers, DHB clinical services
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Child/Tamariki, Youth/Rangatahi, Adult/Pakeke