Te Arawa Whānau Ora

Māori Provider Description

We are a collective of Whānau Ora providers in the Te Arawa area. Our collective members are:

Aroha Mai Cancer Support Services
Korowai Aroha Health Centre
Maketu Health & Social Services
Te Papa Tākaro o Te Arawa Sports Trust
Te Roopu a Iwi o Te Arawa Charitable Trust
Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Pikiao
Te Waiariki Purea Trust
Ngāti Manawa Charitable Trust
Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whare
Te Arawa Whānau Ora ki Mangakino
Poutiti Trust
Each collective member has trained Whānau ora paeārahi (navigators) who work alongside you to achieve your dreams, aspirations and goals.

Our other mahi includes:

Tamariki Co-ordination Service
Coordination of a multi-agency approach to developing one shared plan that builds on Whānau needs and aspirations with a focus on tamariki wellbeing.

Te Iwaiwa – Pua Wānanga
hapū Wānanga for māmā, pāpā and Whānau expecting a pÄ“pi during any stage of hapūtanga.

Kaupapa Māori Primary Mental Health and Addiction Service
Grounded on kaupapa Māori principles and practices, strong in te reo Māori, skilled in tikanga and steeped in mātauranga Māori, this service offers:

One-to-one and Whānau support to improve the wellbeing of people experiencing distress or mental health or addiction challenges.
Ngā KaihautÅ« is a ten-week journey of healing, self-discovery, and growth for Tāne that aims to connect them back to their Māoritanga through a variety of activities.
Mango TÅ« is a twelve-week group programme for rangatahi that aims to enhance their strengths to prepare them for aspirational futures through a variety of engaging activities and experiences.
Te puna o Aewa rongoā services provide a range of traditional and contemporary healing practices to enhance health and wellbeing.
Emergency Housing Navigation Service
Support for Whānau in emergency housing to find sustainable housing options while addressing the challenges that impact on their wellbeing.

Manu Tāpiki
Supporting Whānau to gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to take an active part in their health journey to achieve their wellbeing goals. Health needs may include but are not limited to mental health, addictions, long-term conditions, nutrition, physical activity, pain management, health literacy, pregnancy, and stopping smoking.

H?pai Huānga
Support for offenders involved in family harm to empower them to make positive changes with a strong focus on cultural identity and te ao Māori. – Read more here

Whānau Ora Paeārahi
Walk alongside Whānau to move beyond crisis to realise their potential and support them to identify and achieve their aspirations. Paeārahi will support Whānau to develop and Whānau plan and provide navigation to services that can support this journey.

Healthy Families Rotorua
Improving the health of our local community where we live, learn, work and play through systems change. Read more here

Breast and Cervical Screening Support Services
Provide information about the breast and cervical screening programmes, and support services to book and attend appointments. Read more here

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Child/Tamariki, Youth/Rangatahi, Adult/Pakeke