Rauawaawa Kaum?tua Charitable Trust

Māori Provider Description

Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust provides a range of culturally focused, appropriate, and accessible health, social and community-based activities and services for our Kaumātua (55 years and over), with the purpose to enhance their wellbeing and quality of life.

Although we work in a kaupapa Māori framework, we welcome all ethnicities to our service.

The programmes offered by Rauawaawa Health Services are catered and driven by Kaumātua for Kaumātua. A wide range of FREE services offered exclusively to Kaumātua ensures a safe environment on-site and in the community and reflects the complex needs of Kaumātua. These include:

Early Intervention Support
Kotahitanga Socialisation Day Programme & Kaumātua Oranga Programme
Kaumātua Nursing Services
Whānau Ora Navigation Service
Mirimiri Service
Mauri Ora Service
Transport Service
Community Classes including kakahu courses, performing arts and more