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Kakakura Health Services is a Kaupapa Māori Health & Social Services Agency. We embody two Kai Tahu whakatauki (proverbial sayings). The first is associated with our tohu /logo (the parrot), sacred to the takata whenua (people of the land):

Ka rere te manu, mauri ora!
When the bird flies, life is abundant!

One of our aims at Kakakura is to assist people in bringing balance and wellness to their lives. The whakatauki, Ka rere te manu, mauri ora is symbolic of this philosophy.

The second proverbial saying is the base value underlying the purpose and operations of Kakakura. Aroha provides the Whānaukataka within the internal structure, ensuring mutual respect in all activities.

Aroha ki te takata!
Love and hospitality to all!

Kakakura is committed to extending the philosophy and practice of Aroha ki te takataâ to all takata whaiora (clients), manuhiri (visitors) and kaimahi (staff).

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