Celebrating 22 Years of service to our communities

Tēnā tātou katoa,

As we celebrate our 22nd Anniversary, Te Rau Ora reflects on two decades of dedication to the betterment of Māori health. Throughout our journey, we’ve stood firm for Māori, challenging norms to envision a world where our people flourish. Now, we embark on a new chapter, brimming with potential – one of self-determination, tino rangatiratanga, and mana motuhake.

In the coming days, we’ll share daily narratives, images, and videos of our initiatives across social platforms. It’s a time to celebrate our 22 years of service and share voices from our sector.

To our whānau, hapū, Iwi, and community: Your enduring support fuels our mission. We’re privileged to have your trust and remain steadfast in achieving our shared aspirations.

To our valued partners and allies: Collaboration is key to our success. We extend our gratitude for your unwavering commitment and expertise, enriching our collective efforts to advance Māori Wellbeing.

This occasion serves as an opportunity to express gratitude to the diverse sectors, individuals, organisations, and communities we’ve engaged with. We also honour the memory of past leaders and colleagues who’ve shaped our journey. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to everyone who has joined us along the way.

Nāku iti nei, nā,

Te whānau o Te Rau Ora