Celebrating 20 Years: Pātikitiki Māori Frameworks

Kaupapa Māori services, programmes and approaches will continue to play an essential role in addressing whānau wellbeing, especially when there is a greater prevalence in complex health and social issues that require holistic, culturally led, and ongoing interventions which can only be provided by a skilled Māori multidisciplinary workforce, able to sustain effective long-term relationships and links with other providers.

The Pātikitiki Māori Frameworks Symposiums create a forum for kaimahi Māori to whakawhanaunga, celebrate and share Māori frameworks utilised in practice. The kaupapa recognises the unique contribution kaimahi Māori make to uplift and protect mauri in the journey of whānau wellbeing.

For more information visit  https://www.teorotapu.online/patikitki