100 Māori Leaders

“He kotuku rerenga tahi” – A white heron flies once

This whakatauki is used on an occasion when something very special and unique takes
place. It is often said of a great chief or a leader. It could be used to celebrate
the success of various inspirational leaders in the community.

100 Māori Leaders

100 Māori Leaders is a website that holds a collection of amazing diverse stories of 100 Māori leaders in Health. 

The website is a great starting point for people interested in learning about the variety of work available in the health sector.  The leaders’ profiles also provide examples of the important contributions Māori working in health have made regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Many Māori leaders show humility, described in the whakataukī (proverb) kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka – the sweet potato does not broadcast its sweetness.  Rather it is up to others to speak about the kumara. 

In light of this, the process of selecting potential leaders started at a grassroots level.  Since the inception of the website, Te Rau Ora has collected recommendations of potential leaders from community members and people working in the health sector across the country. 

Once a potential leader was determined, finding the appropriate person to write their profile was key.  Profile writers were people who know the leaders well, not only their achievements but insights into what the leaders are like as people.

Work continues to extend the 100 Māori Leaders site to include new and emerging leaders.  

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